Founded in 2002, Concord Blue Energy is a turn-key waste management solution company and a developer of the industry leading, pyrolysis-based, waste to energy (w2e) patented technology that transforms nearly any form of waste into a variety of renewable fuels, including hydrogen and electricity, with virtually no pollutants.


Concord Blue has developed its own waste conversion technology, known as the Concord Blue Reformer (CBR). CBR is the world's most advanced waste conversion solution that is patented. The propriety developed CBR technology is cable of transforming nearly any form of local waste, such as, biomass, agriculture waste, sewage sludge, plastics, municipal solid waste into renewable fuels and energy, such as electricity, hydrogen, biofuels, etc.

Unlike other available waste to energy processes, Concord Blue’s unique process employs a patented technology called staged steam thermolysis to convert waste material using heat transfer instead of incineration – efficiently producing the highest quality syngas without combustion. Concord Blue operates globally, with offices in the United States, Germany and Taiwan.



Infinite Fuels has engaged Concord Blue to plan their proprietary w2e plant Concord Blue Reformer (CBR) for the Infinite Fuels waste to hydrogen Project


Concord Blue and Lockheed Martin commission and cut the ribbon on the Owego NY 250 kW demonstration unit; the first Concord Blue Biomass Reformer in North America.


Lockheed Martin signs a contract to manufacture Concord Blue advanced gasification reformer.


Lockheed Martin reaches an agreement with Concord Blue to deploy advanced gasification technology globally.


Concord Blue establishes a US headquarters in Los Angeles.


A municipal solid waste is brought online in Pune, India to power the local community using the Concord Blue technology and process. 


Concord Blue brings an industrial waste effluent reformer online in Mahad, India.


Concord Blue is awarded a contract to build a Concord Blue Reformer at the German Waste Federation Headquarters.


Concord Blue deploys a multi-feedstock reformer at a facility in Mumbai, India


Concord Blue establishes a joint venture with Rochem India. Rochem is a global leader in engineering and waste water treatment. 


Concord Blue Reformer technology is used for the first time commercial in a waste to energy project in Izumo, Japan.


Concord Blue is founded by Charlie Thannhaeuser.

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