Concord Blue© CEO Visits Chile to Discuss Waste Solutions and Renewable Hydrogen Production

Last week our founder, CEO and CTO, Charlie Thannhaeuser, visited the Republic of Chile as part of a select group of leading German companies for the hydrogen industry. Concord Blue is endorsed by the German government and the German Chamber of Foreign Trade in Chile has arranged a trip to the metropolitan region of Temuco as part of a multi-day program. On site, Concord Blue had a successful meeting with the governor of La Araucanía (Luciano Rivas), the mayor of Temuco (Roberto Neira) and the mayor of Padre Las Casas (Mario Gonzalez) in relation to solving the waste problems and producing renewable hydrogen in the region.

At the meeting, Governor Rivas and the mayors of Temuco and Padre Las Casas were able to learn about the Concord Blue technology and the regulatory and legislative processes for the application of such projects. A high interest has been indicated for carrying out operations in the Industrial Park of La Araucanía.

Regarding the search for technologies for solid waste management, Governor Luciano Rivas said that “I believe that this is the line on which we have to continue working, to seek a utilization, a valorization of resources and solid household waste, rather than making this final disposal, which has brought us so many problems. I think we have to be open to look for new alternatives and that has been the role we have taken as Regional Government, so it was an excellent meeting we had today, together with the mayors of Temuco, Roberto Neira and Padre Las Casas, Mario González, and their technical teams, as well as the technical teams of our Regional Government”.

As the next step the parties agreed to initiate a feasibility study which will showcase the following 1) the positive environmental impact for the region by reducing pollution and emissions, both on the waste disposal and diversion of landfilling which is currently done whilst emitting harmful green house gases, as well as in replacing the use of burning wood for heating, 2) reduction of waste trucking, 3) local know-how and job creation and lastly 4) the economic feasibility in reducing waste disposal costs and creating a sustainable new profitable business for the owner of the Concord Blue renewable hydrogen facility.

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