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Concord Blue’s reforming technologies produce green, CO2-free hydrogen. Our end products replace fossil fuels in multiple applications and markets including industrial and transportation sectors. We are able to produce these high demand products using everyday wastes of most any kind (household, industrial, agricultural, etc.). For these reasons our Concord Blue Reformer©ֽ is the single, most important, multi-purpose waste to energy generation technology today capable of facilitating the transition to net zero emissions energy sources. Our technology creates sustainable products from renewable sources while solving the world’s waste problem.

Concord Blue was founded in 2002. Since then, we have consistently worked on developing, refining and optimizing our technologies to produce renewable and climate neutral fuels from wastes. We do this without burning and thereby avoid destroying the untapped energy locked away inside waste feedstocks. Instead, we use a specially developed process which “thermolyzes” wastes with the help of water vapor (steam) reforming into hydrogen-rich syngas. Concord Blue operates worldwide and has offices in the USA, India, Taiwan and Germany.

Hydrogen market to grow exponentially through 2050

Today, there are already several high growth sectors whereby hydrogen is becoming increasingly competitive to conventional fossil fuels. These include commercial applications in the transportation and logistics sectors in the form of cars, trucks, waste collection vehicles, buses and trains. These new market segments are in addition to hydrogen’s decades long use in refining, chemicals, iron & steel industries.

In addition to these applications, many others will be added by 2050. Next up will be other industries, which also produce high levels of CO2 emissions targeted by the European Union’s
NZE (Net Zero Emissions by 2050) initiatives. These include power & grid injection, large-scale industry (steel, cement, glass and paper), international aviation and shipping. Green CO2-free hydrogen provides a pathway for these industries to become significantly more environmentally friendly and competitive as government initiatives ramp up to transition to lower levels of CO2 emissions. This growth will also have a large financial impact. According to studies completed by Bloomberg NEF, annual sales of hydrogen in 2050 may reach $2.5 trillion.

Countries are increasingly supporting hydrogen adoption to achieve energy transition objectives

Today there exists broad support for nations to become more active directly promoting the expansion and adoption of hydrogen. Accordingly, many governments are already moving in this direction. Germany, for example, has vigorously promoted transitioning to the hydrogen economy by 2030 implementing various restrictions and regulations and thus achieve greater independence from external energy suppliers especially from fossil fuels and more urgently natural gas. Other industrialized countries are also rolling out similar initiatives. Japan is developing plans to convert a majority of its economy over to hydrogen. Governments around the world now understand that hydrogen is an important component on the way to renewable energies and the clean energy transition.

Concord Blue is active in all major industrial regions worldwide through our offices in Germany, USA, Taiwan and India. Therefore, we are well positioned to partner with national governments and local municipalities to help support their hydrogen adoption and energy transformation plans.

Why you should invest in Concord Blue

Concord Blue’s CBR© technology has been proven in commercial operating environments, validated through third party technology reviews by leading engineering firms and achieved successful operations in 10 facilities across four countries. Today, we have the experience, supporting infrastructure and network of leading partners to develop, build and operate financially successful waste to hydrogen facilities worldwide.

The energy transition to CO2 free hydrogen is underway—Concord Blue stands ready to support your project to achieve your energy transformation plans. By partnering with us, you will be working with the leading experts in waste to hydrogen technology.



If you are interested in learning more about us or acquiring, building, operating and/or licensing our technology, please contact us.

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