Concord Blue

Charlie Thannhaeuser visited the Republic of Chile

Solving Energy Crisis by Addressing Both the Needs for Greener Energy and Waste Disposal – Charlie Thannhaeuser

„The role of Concord Blue in saving the environment for the future generation“

Concord Blue is now a member of the GET H2 family

Auditing by TÜV Nord

Auditing according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
The QM system was successfully audited for compliance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

“Hydrogen from the waste – World requires clean energy for a better atmosphere”

“Grüner Wasserstoff aus Müll: So will dieser Deutsch-Amerikaner das hiesige Energieproblem lösen”

Concord Blue gets award – Top 10 Bioenergy Solutions Companies 2022

“Scripting a new chapter in sustainable energy, decarbonization, and waste elimination.”

“Flight of the Concord: Charlie Thannhaeuser, CEO and founder of Concord Blue”

“Concord Blue looks to rise EUR 580m to build wast-to-energy power plants – CEO”

“Concord Blue Plans Hydrogen Plants in Germany Amid Gas Crisis”

As seen on

“World Hydrogen Summit 2022 – Charlie Thannhaeuser Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer Concord Blue”

“Climate Council – Disrupt 2022 – Speaker > Charlie Thannhaeuser”

“Concord Blue is a waste management company”

“Patents by Inventor Christopher Frederik Thannhaeuser”

“Lockheed Martin Secures $43m EPC Contract for 5 MW Waste Gasification Plant in Germany”

“Lockheed Martin And Concord Blue Begin Next Phase On Bioenergy Facility In Germany”

“Lockheed Martin, Concord Blue to build bioenergy plant in Germany”



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